Ages 3 to 5 on trial basis. Forty-five minutes of stretching, musical games, motor coordination, and creative movement to develop interest and skills for further training in all subjects.

This form serves as an excellent foundation for all types of body movement. Emphasis on clarity, precision and correct body mechanics. It develops a “classical look” and appreciation of the art form. Our ballet program requires number of classes taken to coordinate with the level.

Experiments with the many possibilities of “natural movements.” Emphasis on center strength, enabling the dancer to move more freely. This adds an exciting emotional element to a dancer’s capabilities so that movements are not rigid and uninspiring to watch.

A non-technique class offering the newest ideas in hip-hop, pop, reggae, club and funk. Steps will be broken down and explained, attempting to teach many moves seen in video work and required for auditions today.

A fun and uplifting form of dance that exhilarates mind and body by creating exciting rhythmic patterns with the feet. All styles of tap are represented, from Broadway-style show tap to funk/rhythm tap, in order to explore different rhythms in a variety of music. Very useful for those interested in musical theatre or to expand their dance repertoire.

A fun class consisting of styles not ordinarily taught in other classes, such as Western, 20’s, 50’s, soft shoe, etc. Will study various shows’ content, character, styles and times. Also incorporates some speaking, acting, singing and pantomime. Emphasis is on performing and audition techniques.

Based on Nicholas Technique- series of exercises done on the floor with breathing to improve stretch, strength, body placement, muscle control, stamina, voice projection, muscle tone, etc. Very useful for chronic injuries, postural problems, scoliosis, and various physical weaknesses. This class is highly recommended for all students – dancers and non-dancers.

A familiar form frequently seen on television, stage and film. Popular music used with emphasis on overall conditioning, stamina, technique, performing, etc.

Developing strength, balance, flexibility, and agility skills while learning basic to advanced gymnastic movements. Some include rolls, backbends, handstands, and headstands. More advanced movements include aerials, handsprings, and tucks. Class structured for cheerleaders, stunt people and dancers who want that extra edge at auditions.

Must have permission from an instructor. All Pointe students must take a minimum of three ballet classes and/or Pointe classes per week after passing a “Pointe test.”

This class builds the individual skills of each pupil in terms of acting and performance. The sessions cover work in mime, improvisation, script and voice work. Students learn to respond in imaginative ways in solo, pair, or group scenes; they develop their physical and verbal skills in stories and plays that are created from a variety of stimuli. This class endeavors to develop confidence and social awareness while nurturing creativity with control.

Draws on modern dance techniques as well as alternative or newer philosophies of movement that depart from classical dance techniques. The choreographic process is examined and the performance process is stressed. Emphasis on the dancer as an individual.